Research Interest

My current research focus is Social Data Processing (see here) with a particular interest in practical algorithms for Statistical inference. Over years, I have been interested in distributed network algorithms, stochastic networks and network information theory. The primary challenge that has been driving my research is the need for designing high-performant, extremely simple algorithms under severe resource constraints.

Research Projects
Luck versus Skill in Fantasy Sports [LuckOrSkill]
Time Series Analysis using Matrix Estimation [TimeMatrix]
Crowd-Sourcing meets Matrix Estimation [CrowdMatrix]
Wonders of Nearest Neighbors [Twitter, BitCoin, Medical Imaging, Monograph]
Robust Synthetic Control [SynCMatrix1]
Sparse Matrix Estimation and Iterative Collaborative Filtering [MatrixICF1, MatrixCF2, MonotoneMatrix]
Data Center Scheduling: Theory and Practice [Fastpass, Flowtunes, BaselineOpt]
Blind Regression and Collaborative Filtering [BlindReg1, BlindReg2]
Graphical Model Learning [Hardness, Dynamic, AntiFerro]
Recommendation Systems [Item-ItemCF, User-UserCF]
Rumor Source Detection [RumorCentrality1RumorCentrality2]
Ranking, Comparisons and Distribution over Permutations [RankCentrality1, RankCentrality2, MixedMNL-Tensor, MixedMNL, RankAgg
Crowd-Sourcing [Crowd1, Crowd2, Crowd3, Crowd4]
Computing Discrete Choice from Limited Data [Sparse1, Sparse2]
Gossip Algorithm [Monograph, GossipAvg1GossipAvg2GossipSeparable1GossipSeparable2, GossipDyn, GossipCvx, GossipCoding]
Graphical Models, Belief Propagation and MAP Inference [BPMatching, BPIndSet, BPAssign, BP=LPTightness]
Graphical Models, Belief Propagation and MARG Inference/Log Partition Function [BPFixedPolyTime]
Graphical Model Inference and Local Algorithms [LocalGeom, LocalMinorEx, PartMerge]
Delay Optimal Scheduling and Computation Hardness [IQSwitch, SwitchedNet, Hardness]
Statistics, Modeling for Circuits [ImpSamp1ImpSamp2, EnergyRedn]
Wireless Medium Access and Distributed Scheduling [GossipSch, GlauberSch1GlauberSch2, GlauberRateAllnReversibleSch]
Network (and) Information Theory [ThputDelay1, ThputDelay2ThputDelay3, NIT0NIT1, NIT2, NIT3]
Switch Scheduling: Randomization, Heavy Traffic and Belief Propagation [Randomized, MaxWtDiffusion, LogWtOpt, BeliefPropSchd, MessPassSchSurvey]