President of India Gold Medal, IIT Bombay (1999)
IEEE Infocom Best Paper Award (2004)
INFORMS George B. Dantzig Best Dissertation Award (2005)
ACM Sigmetrics Best Paper Award (2006)
First ACM Sigmetrics Rising Star Award (2008)
NIPS Outstanding Paper Award (supervised student) (2008)
ACM Sigmetrics Best Student Paper Award (supervised student) (2009)
INFORMS Erlang Prize from Applied Probability Society (2010)
INFORMS MSOM Best Student Paper Award (supervised student) (2010)
ACM Sigmetrics Best Student Paper Award (supervised student)  (2012)
INFORMS Applied Probability Society Best Publication Award (2012)
INFORMS Nicholson Paper Honorary Mention (supervised student) (2013)
Distinguished Young Alumni Award, IIT Bombay (2015)
INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Prize (2015)
INFORMS Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society Best Publication Award (2016)