Publication Type: Conference proceedings

Network Coding Meets TCP

JK Sundararajan, Shah D., Médard M., Mitzenmacher M., Barros J.
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ARQ for network coding

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, pp. 1651-1655, 2008
J.K. Sundararajan, Shah D., Médard M.
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Iterative learning for reliable crowdsourcing systems

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24, pp. 1953-1961, 2011
D. Karger, Oh S., and Shah D.
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Maintaining Statistics Counters in Router Line Cards

IEEE Micro, CA, 6 pages, 2002
D. Shah, S. Iyer, B. Prabhakar and N. McKeown
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An implementable parallel scheduler for input-queued switches

Proceedings of Hot Interconnects IX, Stanford, Stanford, CA, pp. 9-14, 2001
P. Giaccone, B. Prabhakar, D. Shah
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Turbo-charging Vertical Mining of Large Databases

Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD, Volume 29, pp. 22-33, 2000
Shenoy P., J. R. Haritsa, S. Sudarshan, G. Bhalotia, M. Bawa and D. Shah
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Fast Updating Algorithms for TCAMs

Proceedings of Hot Interconnects IX, Stanford, CA, pp. 36-47, 2001
D.Shah, P. Gupta
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Interestingness and Pruning of Mined Patterns

Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 7 pages, 1999
D. Shah., Laks V. S. Lakshmanan, K. Ramamritham, S. Sudarshan
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An efficient randomized algorithm for input-queued switch scheduling

Proceedings of Hot Interconnects IX, Stanford, CA, pp. 3-8, 2001
P. Giaccone, B. Prabhakar and D. Shah
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Trading Bitcoins and Online Time Series Prediction

NIPS 2016 Time Series Workshop, pp. 1 -15
D. Shah, M. Amjad
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